SolMinter partners with to bridge creativity and liquidity

2 min readJul 7, 2021

SolMinter is delighted to join hands with to allow project founders to seamlessly bring liquidity and needed awareness to their great ideas.

SolMinter Update

July 2021 marks the biggest Month of 2021 for the SolMinter team!

Busy making progress day in, day out; July 2021 will see many key milestones achieved :

The SolMinter x Partnership

Beyond SMTR being the first IDO project on Intersola, the two team have decided to take the relationship a step further.

SolMinter and Intersola have defined the scope of the partnership around bridging creativity from the SolMinter ecosystem to liquidity accessibility from the Intersola ecosystem.

From SolMinter

  • Accelerated path to for project founders that mint their SPL token on the SolMinter platform.


  • Projects listed on Intersola to use SolMinter’s vesting solution, ensure team tokens are locked and certified with the SolMinter lock and certification program
  • Intersola IDO projects touse SolMinter’s token management system to manage bulk distributions and airdrops.
  • Intersola dex/trade integration to be implemented into the SolMinter dashboard

In conclusion, the partnership between SolMinter and will allow project founders to create and secure liquidity, traders and investors to their minted SPL tokens.

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