The Solminter team are pleased to announce the possibility to now mint Solana NFTs through the dashboard!

Before we go into the details, we’d like to mention that Solminter is STILL FREE to use until the 30th of September 2021. Following that date, a spend will need to be approved…

Dear Solminter community,

We thank you for the support received throughout our IDO and listing, it has been an intense couple of weeks.

These are baby-steps for the Solminter team, in the background we have been working on the Solminter product, which is already being used by project founders to…

Hi everyone, we are proud to announce that Solminter will be launching the token SMTR on the 23rd of August at 12:00 UTC (midday).

What is Solminter

Three factors have propelled Solana : products, technology, plus the “SBF factor.” Could these help it take on Ethereum?

With a gain of more than 20% over the past day, Solana has surged into the top 10 cryptocurrencies in market capitalization.

The crypto world is awash in “Ethereum killers” —…

SolMinter is delighted to join hands with to allow project founders to seamlessly bring liquidity and needed awareness to their great ideas.

SolMinter Update

July 2021 marks the biggest Month of 2021 for the SolMinter team!

Busy making progress day in, day out; July 2021 will see many key milestones achieved…

Since day 1 the common goal at SolMinter has been to build an easy-to-use, swift and purposeful dashboard for token minters and project founders. Without further ado, we are thrilled to showcase what’s upcoming in the next couple of weeks!

This article runs through the main functionalities of the SolMinter…

Why did Adam Izzy start Solminter

Hey everyone,

My first love was music — simply because Crypto was not around at that time. After hearing about the inception of Bitcoin while studying his Bachelors of Mass Communication in university, I decided to look into it and explored the possibilities of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

At first…


The foundation of the SPL ecosystem -

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