Solminter : Product functionalities

Dear Solminter community,

We thank you for the support received throughout our IDO and listing, it has been an intense couple of weeks.

These are baby-steps for the Solminter team, in the background we have been working on the Solminter product, which is already being used by project founders to mint and manage their SPL token.

Solminter product launch

For users who participated in the IDO on, the token distribution is fully managed through the “Withdraw” functionality on the app.

For founders, the Solminter application will be free to use for the first month. Starting 1st of October 2021, we will introduce incentivised fees for using the platform.

The Solminter application can be accessed here :

Solminter fee structure

  • SPL Token minting : 5 SOL
  • SPL Token multi-send : 1 SOL
  • SPL Token locking : 1 SOL

100% of fees generated by Solminter will be used to market-buy SMRT on the SMRT-SOL pair and burnt instantly.

The foundation of the SPL ecosystem -