Why did Adam Izzy start Solminter

A Voice Inside: Why did i start Solminter

Hey everyone,

My first love was music — simply because Crypto was not around at that time. After hearing about the inception of Bitcoin while studying his Bachelors of Mass Communication in university, I decided to look into it and explored the possibilities of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

At first it was simply a lucrative investment, with cryptocurrency being at the infancy stage of its development. Later on, I learned of the existence of smart contracts and blockchain, and decided there was more to this, especially in applying this newfound technology to real life applications. However, I had one major obstacle: I was not well versed in coding.


My chosen profession was music and advertising, having built a career in producing jingles, scripts and commercials. As a hobby, I have released multiple singles as an artist and performed on some of the biggest stages in his home country, Malaysia. Thus, I never had any exposure or experience in coding or tech. Realizing this, when I co-founded Solminter with my CTO, Michael Song, and the rest of the team, I was determined to ensure that anyone else without a tech background would not face the same difficulties as I when getting involved in cryptocurrency projects. Because for crypto to achieve its potential it needs to be more inclusive than it is today.

My hope is to see a world where the capabilities of cryptocurrency and blockchain are not limited by anything besides the human imagination. This is why we have positioned Solminter as a foundational so-called layer zero solution. To act as the basis for the growth of the SPL ecosystem, which in exchange places Solminter in a position of high utility.


Adam Izzy

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